Rush Project Chicago!

IT HAPPENS THIS SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2014 — Rush Project Chicago!

Troge is leading the first Project Chicago Rush. You will be put into a class of wingmen, paired up with a wingman accountability partner, and go through a month of training exercises to get you ready for the big leagues. Here’s the info from the forum post.


I’d like to open an invitation to everyone for the first Project Chicago Rush.

The idea is simple. You join this rush class and we add you to a special group with almost no forum privileges. All you get is access to a newbie journal section (if you already have a journal we’ll move it there for you). You then buddy up with another guy and work your way through one of the books I’ve listed below. Each day you journal your experience. After 7 journal entries we give you access to forum events. After 14 entries you get put into the real journal section. After 21 entries you get access to other parts of the site like downloads, wealth, and sex advice. Each of the books has daily exercises.

. . .

If this goes well, I want to move everyone who joins PC to this method. I’ll be personally sending invites to all the newbies who’ve joined in the last 8 months.

A kickoff meetup/sarge will be on Feb 8th.

. . .

If you want in, register an account on the forum here: The Project Chicago Lair Forum

(For more info on registering an account, check out the video here: How to Register on the Project Chicago Lair Forum.)

Then go to this post: The Project Chicago Lair Wingman Rush! for location information and to RSVP.

Good luck!


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