Dress for the Girl You Want – A Quick Guide to Looking the Part

Dress for the Girl You Want – A Quick Guide to Looking the Part from the Project Chicago Lair

There are a few simple rules that you need to remember to dress for picking up women.

  1. Shower – We really shouldn’t have to tell you this, but you would be surprised at the number of guys that think that heading out straight from the gym is okay. Please, for all of our sakes, take a shower.
  2. Wear clean clothes – Another obvious one, but… well, look around at a bar next time. Make sure that whatever you wear is not wrinkled and stained. (Watch the armpit sweat stains.) Oh… and a shirt that you just took out of the package isn’t much better. Wash it, iron it and then go out.
  3. Wear underwear – While freeballing might be fun on a Saturday in the back yard, it can be very obvious if you aren’t wearing something to keep the equipment steady. Wear underpants and for God’s sake, no tighty whiteys, unless you’re over seventy. Also, wear an undershirt under a button down shirt. The material is very thin and will show dance sweat in about 8 seconds.
  4. No cowboy boots – No cowboy hats – No cowboy anything – Okay, not ever, but not unless you are going line dancing. Really, nothing stands out more than a guy dressed he is riding the trail walking into a dance club. (Oh… and while we’re on the subject, take off your hat. Gentlemen don’t wear hats inside. See how quick that gets a girl’s attention.)
  5. No trucker hats EVER!– Seriously, Ashton Kutcher might have gotten Demi Moore, but it is so unlikely to work for you that it’s embarrassing. (And if you do, refer to rule number 4 about taking off your damned hat.)
  6. Take one item out of GQ – You don’t want to look like this week’s cover, but check out an issue and find one item that will complement your wardrobe.

Basic guidelines: New dress shoes. Matching dress socks. Button down shirt. Dress slacks. Belt.

The only time to vary from this is when you are going someplace with a theme, like a country bar or a Renaissance fair.

Good luck, sharp dressed man.

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