Interactive Singles Map 2

The New Interactive Singles Map. You can read the full thing here:

The New Interactive Singles Map

My Cliff’s Notes:

Here we have another pop sociologist with a map of singles across America.

I don’t know how scientific it is, but it’s actually pretty cool. You can drag the sliders around to select an age range, then it gives you the break down of single men and single women within that age range in different cities all over the U.S.

Why would this be of interest to a PUA? If you know anything about the Project Chicago Lair, you know that we love efficiency. And obviously you want to go where the women outnumber the men — when there is greater demand for, and less supply of, what you’ve got and women want, you know your chances have just gone up. And of course, vice-versa if the men outnumber the women.

You can also use it to help you think about what age range of women to focus on.

Here are some interesting facts that emerge from it:

Among 20- and 30-somethings, almost every single city in America has more single men than single women. Although no single woman in New York will believe it, I promise it’s true. Once you get up into your 50’s, though, the balance shifts to extra single women everywhere. The changeover from extra men to extra women starts in the late 30’s, but doesn’t overtake California and the Pacific Northwest until everyone’s in their 50’s. If you are looking for single women in their twenties, they’re hiding out in Durham NC, Savannah GA, or Jackson MS. The North has nothing for you, it’s Southern belles or bust. If you’re on the prowl for single men in their late 50’s, Reno NV, Manchester NH, and Beaumont TX should be your primary hunting grounds. Beyond being flush with single gentleman, Beaumont also has one of the world’s largest fire hydrants! Get that U-Haul ready. Single counts people who have never been married, are divorced, or are widowed. It does not include separated people, because separated people sure ain’t single. It also doesn’t include people who are dating, because the Census Bureau isn’t nosy enough.


The New Interactive Singles Map

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2 thoughts on “Interactive Singles Map

  • Anonymous

    The New York phenomenon is due to the number of gay men being included as single heterosexual men in your study; they should be excluded for this analysis, as should lesbians of course.

  • admin Post author

    Ah, that’s a very good point. I thought something seemed fishy about that, but I hadn’t thought about them including gay men in their total of singles. I’ve always thought the odds in NYC are actually some of the best in the world.