What is a Wingman?

What is a Wingman?

Have you ever seen Top Gun? If you answered no, you may leave your man-card in a drawer until you have.

The main character, Maverick, has a wingman, another pilot that flies behind him to intercept enemies that Maverick can’t see. In the movie that wingman’s name is Iceman.

When the ace is looking forward, trying to take down the bomber, the focus of the mission, his wingman is scanning the horizon for any interruptions that could jeopardize the mission.

Things a Wingman looks for:

  • The Protective Girlfriend – Every girl has one: the girl they go out with that is always on the lookout against evil men that might want to mate with her or talk or something. She will pull her girl away, change the subject or sometimes even get in between the future happy couple. A wingman finds a way to distract this menace by engaging her in conversation or inviting her to dance. (OK, he should only do this if he can avoid looking ill while dancing.)
  • The Cock-Blocking Dude – There is always that one guy in the room that wants to prove that he can get any girl in the room, especially ones that are talking to another guy. A wingman will stop this terror by standing in his way, interrupting your conversation himself or inviting him to dance. (OK, the last one might get your wingman’s ass kicked, but anything for Maverick!)
  • The Friggin Family – Family members quietly hiding in the room are the covert spies that make life hell when you are trying to get a girl. Just as she is beginning to write her phone number, her mother will come flying in like a prehistoric nightmare and say, “Come on, honey! Let’s go home!” Ugh!!!! A wingman will use his best “We are good boys” smile and try to engage mom in small talk or invite her to dance. (OK, if it’s his thing, mom might like a younger man. Do we see a double date?)

The trick is that a wingman is the guy who allows you to stay focused on your game, not constantly looking around for people that might interrupt your mojo.

Get a great wingman and the flying is easy!

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