How to Find a Wingman – The Never-Fly-Solo Solution

How to Find a Wingman – The Never-Fly-Solo Solution

Need a wingman for the night to help you get the girl?

There are a few solutions available.

  1. Talk to a buddy. – Even a married friend can be a great wingman. In fact, sometimes married men can be the best wingmen; apparently they know how to seduce women well enough to get married. Most guys have at least one friend that will be willing to be the wingman for the night.
  2. Find a Chicago wingman by joining the Project Chicago Lair – Our group of guys have all gotten to act as wingmen for other guys. We take turns making the night go more smoothly and help our pal get the girl. The key is to know the rules and handle the intervening friends and lulls in conversation.
  3. Try a wingwoman – Taking a woman out as your wingman can be difficult, but some simple rules can make her a great asset. First of all, she can call you brother. Women dig guys who hang out the women in their family. Even if she is a sister from another mister, it can work. Second, she and you keep your distance. Make it clear that you aren’t an item.

The key to finding a wingman is finding someone you can trust that will not let you down. You need someone who is going to pay attention to what you are doing all night long and help you make it happen.

One of the best times to fly with a new wingman is during your ‘daygame,’ the times that you go where the women are like libraries, bookstores and coffee shops. The women that you meet might be a little less on guard. They think of guys who try to pick them up in a bookstore is a different type of guy than one that is trying to take them home from a bar.

A wingman can make the seduction process easier, but a wingman is no replacement for a pair of good shoes and a nice attitude. Bring all of this out with you and you can’t lose.

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