Meeting Women Without a Wingman – You Can Do This!

Meeting Women Without a Wingman – You Can Do This!

Let’s start with the truth – you are a shy guy. At least, we are assuming that you are since you started reading this article.

Here’s some more truth: Unless you are a combination of Jeffrey Dahmer and the Elephant Man, you have something that a woman would be interested in. Seriously! And that is the first thing you need to know about flying without a wingman.

You need to take your confidence out with you. Be sure that you dress confidently and neatly so that your outer appearance matches your internal confidence.

By the way, not typically a confident guy? Fake it. Think about the most confident guy you know (that is not a prick) and walk, talk and speak like him.

Here’s the next thing: No stupid pickup lines. Guys who lack confidence often rely on cheesy pickup lines that are annoying and predictable.

So what do you say to the cute girl next to you? Talk about something that’s going on around you. Comment on what’s on TV, a group or a person near you or maybe the drinks. Nothing too rude, no foul language and no insults. If there’s a group that is loud, something ‘Wow! They are having a great time, huhn?’ If the drinks are big, try ‘I feel like they are trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me.’

The real purpose of a wingman is to help to move the conversation along and get the annoying friend out of the way. No wingman? Bring the annoying friend into the conversation. Pretend you are dating the girl and that the friend is an annoying sister. You have to find a way to get her to like you. If she likes you, you are halfway to love!

There is one alternative: Join The Project Chicago Lair and let some Chicago wingmen there help you out.

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