“Nice Shoes. Wanna…?” The Pick-Up Line – The Fast Way to Sleep Alone

“Nice Shoes. Wanna…?” The Pick-Up Line – The Fast Way to Sleep Alone

The worst thing guys ever did was to try to make picking up chicks into a formula. “Say this, do this, get laid.” One of our Forum Members recently described old-school pickup artistry as “guys trying to come up with ‘cheat codes’ for getting laid.” That’s a pretty accurate description of old-school PUA stuff (and unfortunately, some people even today!) Hopefully, we’ve all evolved beyond that.

On the list of the stupidest things guys ever invented are pick-up lines, those lines that every girl has heard 50 times by the time she turned 15.

If kisses were snowflakes, I’d send you a blizzard.

Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?

Are you a parking ticket, because you’ve got FINE written all over you?

Ready to kill yourself yet? I know, you’ve used these lines and couldn’t understand how a witty guy like you is at home surfing cheerleader sites with one hand.

The Anti-Pick-Up Line

The only way to really start a conversation is to use a “situational opener.” Talk about what is going on around you.

Here are some situations where you can use a simple line to start a conversation and then take it from there.

At the grocery store (the place is full of babes who love a man who can cook and shop): “Wow! It’s seems like the cost of __________ (whatever) goes up every week.”

At the park: “I love the new playground. The kids think it’s amazing.” (It really helps to have kids for this. If you don’t have any you can borrow one from your Chicago Wingman.)

At the beach: “Is it cool if I put chair near you? This place is full.”

In a bar: “Well, they look like they’re having fun.”

At the library: “Have you read anything by _____________ (insert author’s name – one that you might actually read)

On the train: “Can I buy you a coffee? This ride seems like it will last forever.” (By the way, ride Amtrak instead of taking a flight; we know a guy who met a wife – 12 years younger than him – on a train.)

In a taxi: “Want to share a ride?”

The key is to look around you and say something is intelligent without sounding stalker-ish. Some of these are risky because they are yes/no questions. You might shut down in a hurry, but it’s better than nothing. When in doubt, though, say something to her and wait for a response.

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