Joining the Project Chicago Lair

A note of caution: We’re a fairly selective group.

This is a non-commercial group. Our membership process changes often, but it generally involves new candidates ‘pairing up’ with a member, attending a few events, and getting to know some of the guys. If the collective opinion of the group is that you’re someone who will fit it, you’ll be extended an invitation.

People that are not allowed in

  • Convicted sexual offenders.
  • Convicted felons.
  • Alcoholics.
  • Sex addicts.
  • Stuffy, know-it-all types.
  • People without even basic social abilities.

Things we really don’t care about

  • How bad-ass you are.
  • How many women you’ve slept with.
  • What PUAs you know.

Who’s ideal

Basically, if you’re eager to learn or share, and are pleasant to be around, you’ll get in. It’s really not rocket science, but we need to make an effort to weed out the undesirables or weirdos.

So how do I apply?

If you’re interested after reading this far, you can apply for a membership HERE.

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