Project Chicago

Call-In Details for Nick Sparks Teleconference

As our forum members already know, we have a teleconference with Nick Sparks of “Sparks of Attraction” coming up on Tuesday night (tomorrow night). Many of our members remember Nick from his time spent at Project Chicago, and he has now gone on to NYC where he operates the only […]

How the Project Chicago Lair met Wayne Elise (“Juggler”): Book signing for Neil Strauss’ The Game 1

I couldn’t resist putting this up as a follow-up to the two Juggler webinars we just posted. This is Wayne Elise (“Juggler”) from Charisma Arts speaking at the Chicago book signing for The Game by Neil Strauss. This is where we first met Juggler and asked him to come to Project […]

Another Free Webinar for the Project Chicago Lair from Wayne Elise (“Juggler”) of Charisma Arts

Hey everybody! Our first webinar with Wayne was so well received he decided to do a second with us. This time the audio was not so great 🙁 but I’m putting it up anyway for the benefit of all those who’ve asked to hear it. Enjoy!       Once […]

Free Webinar for the Project Chicago Lair by Wayne Elise (“Juggler”) of Charisma Arts

Here is the audio from a free webinar given to the Project Chicago Lair by Wayne Elise (“Juggler”) from Charisma Arts. Enjoy!       You can find out more about Wayne Elise (“Juggler”) and Charisma Arts at his website: