Bring Your Daygame – Go Where the Real Women Are

Bring Your Daygame – Go Where the Real Women Are

Ever wonder why most people who meet their girlfriend in a bar end up finding her in a bar with someone else. Frankly, meeting women in bars might not always be the best place. We at the Project Chicago Lair decided to put together a small list of the best places to meet women that don’t include loud music and alcohol.

  • Bookstores – The women who go to bookstores can usually read! Bonus! Seriously, you will often find smart, interesting women in bookstores. The key is to not be a creepy stalker, but to actually read books yourself and have something to talk to women about. The same goes for libraries. (Note: Women in libraries have an increased chance of having child in the kids’ section so be prepared for that.)
  • Concerts – No, not One Direction or Kanye. Classical music, jazz, bluegrass and the like. Music you can actually hear a conversation over. Again, don’t be an insincere schmuck; go to concerts where you actually like the music. You don’t have to be an expert, but at least have a real opinion.
  • Coffee shops – Sit down, read a paper, strike up a conversation. Don’t make some of the mistakes that our less astute friends make: Don’t wear headphones. Don’t sit staring at your phone. Look for coffee shops that are busy. (You can ask a woman if she minds sharing a table.)
  • DMV – If you live in a place where the DMV takes forever, it might be a fun place to meet women. Any conversation that starts with, “They should give us lunch for making us wait so long,” is likely to meet with a positive response. Just don’t talk to a woman who has been told that her license is still revoked for her third DUI.

Be creative! Look around as you are moving through your day. Where are the women and what are they doing?

Like moms? Go to the park… with a book, not a camera.

Like fitness nuts? Go for a jog. One headphone in and be willing to run past her a hundred times before you say, “Mind if I run with you. You look like you know where you’re going.”

Go where the women already are!

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