Guest Post Two: Is Approach Anxiety Bothering You?

This is the second of our guest posts on Approach Anxiety. Be sure to let us know which one you like best!

Is approach anxiety bothering you? Get over it with these golden tips

Oh, there she is, looking gorgeous in that little black dress. You feel like going up to her and striking a conversation but the very idea make you go weak by the knees. You simply cannot muster the courage to approach her. If you have ever encountered this problem, you probably know what it is. Yes, it is called approach anxiety that almost 99% of men suffer from at some point in their lives. You definitely want to get over it. Let’s see how.

Understanding approach anxiety helps to deal with it

Usually past experiences and concerns related to self image make men suffer from approach anxiety. Whenever they come in contact with attractive women, the triggers set in and they become anxious. It is important to analyze yourself and find out the real reason behind such feelings. If you can find it, you can get rid of it easily.
Relax and be conscious of yourself

You feel nervous in the company of women and hence it is vital that you can relax and just take things easily. When you set your eyes upon an attractive woman, take a few deep breaths which will help you to get into a relaxed mood. Walk slowly but confidently, with your chin held high and the shoulders square.
Practicing relaxation techniques usually helps and hence you should try them more often.

Get your wingman

A friend may act as a wingman and help you to get over your anxiety. Rely on Chicago wingmen to tide over the problem and approach women with more confidence.

Play a small game with your friend. For every girl your friend approaches, you have to approach one and set monetary bets for your conquests. Get inspiration from your friend and you will enjoy the game.

Get into action fast

No amount of reading and creating strategies will help you to get over your fear unless you practice them. So, always get into action mode whenever you come across an interesting tip. Most psychiatrists suggest men to not wait more than 3 seconds to approach a girl. The more you wait the more tense you get. If you find this tip helpful, go out of your room and practice it right now.

Don’t wait for any attractive girl to practice what you have learnt. To perfect your art, use it on anyone you meet on your way. The waitress, shop assistants, the women in the queue, you can try to break into a conversation with anyone and gain confidence.

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