International Map of Easy to Bang Women

In keeping with last week’s theme of “maps,” we now present…. The International Map of “Easy-to-Bang Women.”

Oh boy! A member on the forum* of the always-controversial Roosh V has — I’m not making this up — published a world map of “easy-to-bang women,” lol.

You can check it out here:

Map of Easy to Bang Women

Whatever you might think of this man’s morals or approach to women and life in general, you have to admit it’s attention getting. As the website notes, the map includes five difficulty ratings, including “Very easy to bang,” “Easy to bang,” “Normal difficulty to bang,” “Hard to bang,” and “Very hard to bang.”

One of our long-time members has written a book called “Sensuality in Scandinavia,” all about his experiences with the sexuality of Scandinavian countries. This has led to a lot of people questioning whether it might make sense to look outside the United States when trying to meet women. A lot of American men complain about what they perceive as the entitled and un-feminine attitudes of women in current US culture.

But, as evidenced by “Sensuality in Scandinavia” as well as anecdotal reports in Roosh V’s Forum and similar forums (like “Happier Abroad“) the same attitudes don’t necessarily prevail in other cultures — particular in South America and Asia. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the moral to this story. You and your favorite wingman can sit around Chicago trying to seduce unapproachable, stuck-up women — or you can take a nice vacation to an exotic land with likely a lower cost of living, and find friendly, approachable, feminine women, eager to talk to you.

So if you’re planning an international vacation — and you’re planning on seducing women while away from your home here at the Project Chicago Lair — maybe you’ll want to consult with this map first.

Map of Easy to Bang Women


*I.e., Roosh V’s Forum — not The Project Chicago Lair Forum.

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